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Digital Sponsorship

As a music artist, you have many opportunities for sponsorship — music releases, social content, touring, appearances, and so on. But it can be time consuming to manage, and reps tend to focus on the biggest placements for the biggest artists.

Slyde puts you in control of your digital sponsorships, making it simple for artists with all levels of reach and visibility to connect with opportunities that work, and with brands you believe in.

Join the Slyde artist roster to leverage your persona, fan influence, and content releases to generate new, sustainable revenue streams.


How it works 

1. Create Your Profile

Sign up, answer a few questions, connect your active social media accounts

2. Add Payment Method

We support payouts through PayPal and Amazon

3. Opt In

Based on your market, genre, and fan reach, Slyde will send you sponsor opportunities. Simply opt into the opps that makes sense for you.

4. Follow The Brief

Based on the sponsor opp that interests you, use you Slyde account to view briefs, submit content, and confirm posting or distribution.

5. Get Paper

Depending on terms and timing of sponsorship funding, Slyde will pay you the agreed upon sponsorship minus a small management fee.

*Note: Slyde will never charge artists up-front fees. We make money only when artists make money.

6. Get Custom

Have a record dropping soon? Let us know, we will market your opportunities to brands and create a bigger campaign.


Activate your brand through music

Slyde connects brands to artists and the music industry through seamless, digital sponsorship and activations. Our system scales for anyone, from the smallest artist and regional or D2C brand, to superstars and international companies.

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